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SKEI, Bangalore

  Edward Road, Off Queen's Road, Bangalore-560052, Karnataka
Affiliation: Montessori, CBSE   Private  
Established: 1931

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Syllabi Followed:
Montessori, CBSE

Pre-School to Std X

Institute Brief

SKEI was established in 1931 by Sri. Thiruvengadaswamy Mudaliar, to provide well-rounded education to girls. Being a visionary philanthropist, Sri. Thiruvengadaswamy realized that during the pre-independence era access to education for girls was limited and not very encouraged both by their family and society. This school was established to address this critical societal need. Infact, his daughters were also educated in this school.

The foundation of the school was laid on 24th September 1930 and within a span of twelve months, a beautiful colonial architecture building was constructed. The school was inaugurated on September 14, 1931. The architecture includes massive stone pillars with columns using limestone as mortar. All classrooms have double heigh ceiling with long windows that ensure ample ventilation.

For the past eighty-nine years, the founding vision of the school has only been strengthened to meet the needs of the 21st century learners. The curriculum design is based on the universal truth that every child has the inherent ability to learn and does so at their own unique pace. Therefore, we strongly believe in complete child development giving equal importance to all the development domains - social & emotional, cognitive, sensorial, physical and spiritual. We are blessed with a vast campus having green spaces with many trees over hundred years old which forms the bedrock of our curriculum framework - NaLA (Nature as a Learning Aid), that helps children to interconnect the classroom based learning with surrounding nature.